Corporate hire

The apartments at Pinna Nobilis estate sleep from 4 til 8 people, big enough for:

  • large single family,
  • to bring friends
  • to share with more family members or generations
  • or for corporate team events

We offer one or more apartments for Corporate Hire under the following conditions:

  • The apartments are booked for 7 nights at a time (Saturday –Saturday)
  • You are required to book 9 weeks per year as a minimum
  • You can choose between 4 weeks in July + min. 5 more weeks in the remaining months of the year (except August), or 4 weeks in August + min. 5 weeks in the reminder of the year (except July)
  • The price depends on the number of beds in the respective apartments and is set at a base price per bed of EUR 25,00 / day
  • Water, electricity and heating are all included
  • Pinna Nobilis estate and the company will need to agree on how potential insurance issues will be handled
  • Typically, two companies will share one apartment, which means that the 4 not fixed weeks, is base on first-come-first-served or a fixed agreement for certain weeks
    The company will be invoiced bi-annually.