Balconies, terraces and boat bouy


The balconies at 1st and 2nd floor offer 25 undisturbed squaremeters facing the sea. Space enough for both dining and relaxing, and offering an often welcome shade. The balcony at the penthouse is 19 sqm and includes a large 4 person jacuzzi with the most stunning views of the sea and islands.


Most of the outside area is situated at the seaside of the house, overviewing the beach, the sea and the nearby islands.

The apartments at GF, 1st and 2nd floor as well as the penthouse all have a reserved terrace at the sea front of the garden: GF where the bordeaux sunbeds are, 1st floor where the grey ones are, green for 2nd floor and orange for the penthouse. They are placed 2-3 metres above sea level and includes a sun parasol for proctection against the sun . The souterrain apartment has a private atrium yard connected to the apartment.

Boat Bouy

If you come with your own boat, two boat bouys are available for renting just in front of the house, enabling you to have it handy when needed.