Why Pinna Nobilis?

At our very first swim in the clear waters outside our house, we noticed the huge, graceful clams sticking out of the seabed. The ‘pen shell’ it is also called because of it’s shape. It can grow as large as 100 cm.

Please note: According to a European Council Directive from 1992, the pen shell Pinna Nobilis is under strict protection and all forms of deliberate capture or killing are prohibited.

The shape of the mussel differs depending on the region it enhabitates. Like all pen shells it is relatively fragile to pollution and shell damage. In other words: It only lives in clean waters!

It attaches itself to rocks using a strong byssus composed of many silk-like threads which in the old days used to be made into cloth. The inside of the shell is lined with brilliant mother-of-pearl.

The Pinna Nobilis is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, where it lives offshore at depths ranging between 0.5 and 60 m.

Source: Wikipedia

Who are the people behind Pinna Nobilis?

We are a family of five, who live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2006 we have visited Croatia every Summer. Both renting apartments and sailing the wonderful waters of the Croatian coastline. It soon came to our mind, that we would love to have a place of our own. A place that we could come back to, year after year. A place where we can enjoy all that we have learned to love about Croatia: The people, the food, the clear waters, the islands, the weather, the views, the…

When we found the house in Brodarica it was a dream come true. At this location we can imagine our family enjoying vacation after vacation, here we can picture us being old and our three boys bringing first their friends, later their families. And this location we long to share with other people who can see the glory in this unspoiled spot.